Mag.ª Miriam K. Trilety


I´m constantly working as a free Systemic Psychotherapist,

Supervisor, Illustrator & Artist  


2017 psychotherapist at hollabrunn hospital, acute psychiatric department

2017 officially registered systemic psychotherapist (Bmgf)

2014 systemic therapist under supervision
2012 enrolment at the austrian working commitee for group therapy

and group dynamic ÖAGG, majoring in systemic psychotherapy
conferment of the academic degree mag. phil.
2011 diploma thesis on ethics in psychotherapy (university of vienna)
2008 - 2011 psychotherapeutic propädeuticum, university of vienna
2005 enrolment at vienna university, majoring in philosophy
2004 - 2005 master class for graphic- & communication design at
the »höhere graphische bundes- lehr- und versuchsanstalt«, vienna

2002 - 2004 artwork and communication design at

the »höhere graphische bundes- lehr- und versuchsanstalt«
1999 high school diploma






I´m an illustrator, psychotherapist and artist based in Vienna, Austria. I studied philosophy at the University of Vienna before I decided to apply for »die Grafische« (»Höhere Grafische Bundes- Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt«) in Vienna to become a graphic- & communication designer. After six years of studying philosophy and a 3-year training in Branding, Corporate Design, Graphic Design and Art, I decided to follow a very different path and became a psychotherapist. So here I am now with my multiple professional and personal identities; in many ways I would say that my art work reflects all the different paths I took in my life.


For example, I get a lot of inspiration from philosophers, such as Michael Foulcault, Georg Gadamer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Roland Barthes and Niklas Luhmann, as well as from my very fascinating patients, who I love to work with. Besides treating patients in a psychiatric unit of a small upper austrian hospital i use my private practice as a creative spot for illustration workshops. I also give classes in how to use procreate as an illustration tool. In terms of my artistic expression, William Kentridge, Alfred Kubin, Francisco de Goya, David Shrigley, David Hockney, James Victore and the »Gugginger Künstler« (Art Brut) are among a range of illustrators and artists who have had a great impact on my creative life.

Lately, I have become more and more convinced that artistic expressions always contain a certain biographically influenced political and historical interpretation of the human’s existence in general. In my view, it´s not only the personal perspective on one´s life and politics but also a singular historical document of the collective human’s mind that´s building a very valuable visual »mind map« of history itself. I would say that my work has quite an ironic, political and minimalistic angle to life. I usually don´t know the outcome of my work, which means I start with an impulse and end up with new visual facts that
hopefully create some additional meaningful aspects of life